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Alien Zadrotti was developed in Russia, a man who is directly interested in various racing simulators.


In 2017, he realized that for the further development of his speed, he needed pedals on load cells with good progressiveness and variability of tuning. With some technical knowledge in engineering, he decided to design his own pedals.

So gradually Alien Zadrotti was born and today we have achieved some success in this area.

We were able to make very accurate, durable and flexible pedal s at a reasonable price for the Russian market for pedals of this class. The pedal design is developed using CAD and FEA. Elements are made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and we also use various polymers such as fluoroplastic. The design of the pedals uses only rolling bearings, we believe that they have an advantage over sliding bearings in their durability. Sliding bearings begin to give backlash over time, the presence of which is not very pleasant. All parts are manufactured on CNC machines with further laser cutting. Before assembly, the parts are processed to improve the appearance and get rid of sharp edges.


Loadcells on gas and clutch gives an excellent sensation and sense of control in simulators, whether opening the throttle or operating the basket. Loadcell in combination with a polyurethane spring on the brake pedal gives the desired non-linearity, allowing you to use the brake as efficiently as possible, feeling the braking limits absolutely clearly

Specially designed 32-bit USB electronics provide instant and accurate response of each pedal in the simulator.


Alien Zadrotti cannot be used without simrig, it is necessary for a strong and rigid installation of pedals in the cockpit.

If you want to take a step forward in speed in your hobby, or you are building a professional simulator, then you are with us along the way.